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 Our corporate culture is built on the foundation of our business strategy.

See if you like the way we think! 

        Do you prefer a highly decentralized work environment where you can see your project come to fruition quickly?

        Does a dynamic, results oriented organization that’s small enough to make decisions fast and large enough to have the financial backing to get deals done appeal to you?

        Do you seek a career at a company where responsibility and accountability go hand in hand for every employee at every level?

        Are you a business person who understands the economics of a project, in addition to your brilliant technical skills? 

If you answered YES!!

 We invite you to check our list today, bookmark our website and check in regularly. We invite the submission of resumes for only those positions listed.



They represent more than the initials of our company. Inspiration-Creativity-innovation our view of the world and how we run our business. Our goal is to become the leading independent exploration and Education Company and to be an employer of choice.

Join the leaders -- join our team!

Submit a current CV with an updated photo to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Incomplete submissions and will not be considered for the vacancy. 

All questions regarding recruitment of this position should be sent to the above email address and should include the position title & Job Code in the e-mail subject line. 

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