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translation process


While you work with us, you will have an assigned project manager that is available for you at all times. The translator/s assigned to your document will be a native speaker of the target language, chosen based on experience and specialization in the subject area of your document. To complete the process, your document will be checked by a reviewer who assures the highest quality before we return the document to you. Here are the steps the document will undergo:


  • As soon as you submit your document the quoting phase kick starts; the project manager for the target language looks it over and in consultation with the translator/s assigned to the job.
  • Once the order is confirmed and the down payment is deposited, the translators get to work. Our translators only translate into their native language and are chosen based on specialization and availability.




  • In order to ensure that the translation is of impeccable quality, every document undergoes a revision process by an independent reviewer who checks the translation to verify that the language is clear and each thought is transferred appropriately in the best possible way in the target language. 



  • A subject-matter expert (SME) is called in at this stage to bring in his knowledge of the field to bear on the translation and to ensure lack of breach of specialized norms and approved jargon.



  • Then comes the linguistic check (LC) by who is usually a target language editor. The editor revises the text’s grammaticality and idiomaticity of its phrase.



  • After this comes the quality assurance (QA) phase (reading the whole material) for consistency and readability form the point of view of the targeted readership. In case of bulk projects, this phase must be preceded by mechanized QA check-up to ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency.  



  • The material then goes through exacting scrutiny to make sure that it is free from disrespect for the local culture and ignorance of its sensitivities, and that it conforms to what is expected both with regards to traditions, use of proper terminology and graphic/pictorial culture.  

  • Rigorous worksheeted, gradated QA policies and procedures.



  • Once flawlessness and cultural conformity are made sure of the material gets handed over to the project manager, who, in turn, submits final product to the client.



 This timeliness of this robust process of top-notch translation production is ensured through:

  • The availability of a complete team of in-house well trained, highly professional translators, revisers, editors, graphics designers, cultural consultants and multimedia experts. The team is supervised by a projects manager and is regulated by best practice, proper work ethics and a high level of professionalism. 



  • Total dependence on technology and CAT and translation memory tools.
  • Creating an Ideal work environment which is conducive to the smoothness of the flow of work.    


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