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MKCL Libreria

Libreria is a premier state of art Library management system, designed and developed by MKCL to meet the needs of libraries both large and small. The software is designed to automate all functionalities and operations of library according to international standards.

Libreria offers an efficient, flexible, cost effective and user-friendly systems for Academic libraries, Colleges, Corporate houses as well as Public libraries. The main features of Libreria are:

  • Powerful Search Engine - Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is an online database of resources held by a library to search books and other material
  • User Friendly Navigation and GUI
  • Multilingual Data entry
  • Easy search for finding books and resources anywhere in your library on various fields and different parameters
  • Own customized accessioning system
  • Easy Classification - Barcode Support and Spine Label Generation
  • Exhaustive fields for quick classification of books
  • Easy Operations for Circulation
  • Easy Navigation and Updating of books
  • Online implementation, training and web-based after sales support in standardized formats
  • Academic calendar
  • Store the front page image of the book
  • Total 34 types of reports
  • Automatic Membership card generation
  • Single screen issue return renew facility with members photo display

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