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MKCL Employment Assistance Services to Youth (EASY)

EASY is MKCL’s Job Portal that will spare applicants from all the hassles of job searching. It is a one stop Placement Assistance Service and information desk for youth. It is truly their success partner. It opens up career opportunities including self-employment for growth by establishing local to global and global to local linkages. The main Features of EASY are:

  • Provide e-Learning, e-Governance, e-Commerce, e-Business and General Info-Services to masses and especially to remote, disadvantaged and/or marginalized communities at affordable costs and with high quality
  • Harnesses the best abilities of intellectuals residing in remote areas and improving the quality of life of the rural and urban communities.
  • Provides all information about jobs vacancies (national – local level) at local village level by seeking local social and entrepreneurial initiative
  • Provides appropriate platform to employers for tapping relevant skilled human resource
  • Acts as a catalyst for networking of community organizations for supportive mobilization
  • Creates a web-based framework for the community organizations for career development and sharing of appropriate related content mainly to the rural communities
  • Accelerates the empowerment of semi-urban, rural and tribal communities through connectivity
  • Cost-effective

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