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WizLearn AsknLearn School Learning Management System

AsknLearn™ Learning Management System (LMS) has more than 100 e-learning tools and administrative functions that allow you to customize to your school’s requirement. The effective and user friendly tools are designed with the teacher’s needs in mind. They also support IT infused teaching, collaborative learning, formative assessments, mobile learning and many more. The main tools in AsknLearn are:


A platform for educators to create and deliver online lesson to students.


A web-based assessment system that allows teachers to create and deliver auto-marked test papers.


Allows teachers to upload Word/PPT homework attachments/worksheets for students to submit their completed homework/projects online

 Lesson Banks:

Add ready-made activities or interactive multimedia to their content packages to deliver a seamless lesson to students.


A multi-tiered discussion board where students air their views and contribute to a discussion topic initiated by teachers.


An internal e-mail system that allows students and teachers to e-mail one another in AsknLearn™.


A feature that provides students with their own blog within the AsknLearn™platform.

 E-Portfolio with Assessment:

Students can create their own eportfolio to showcase and documents their projects.

 Live Reports:

Generate and view statistics of student logons, school logon summary and content creation.

 Resource Management Tools / Fault Reporting:

A tool to manage school resources and bookings with an integrated faulty equipment reporting system that allows teachers to report faulty equipment.


Gives accurate reports on the school’s e-learning activities which are generated using this tool.

 Rubrics Engine:

Teachers can use the rubrics engine in the system to create rubrics for evaluation of student's work. There are 3 forms of assessments rubrics, Self-Assessment, Peer to Peer Assessment and Teacher to Student Assessment.

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